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Fluke 87

If you are looking for a trusted industrial multimeter while quality and flexibility are in your mind, the Fluke 87 can meet your expectations. This sophisticated instrument is identified as Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter and will be simply referred as Fluke 87. There are also several additional models such as Fluke 87-5, Fluke 87 iii and Fluke 87 v. Below you can find useful information regarding the basic model, the Fluke 87.

The Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter is a small device designed to be carry by hand or a small bag. It is a 4000 count instrument that is suitable for variety of purposes: laboratories measurements, field technician usage and home usage. The meter is very precise, since it is digital and at the same time it is versatile and fast as if it has the high resolution analog display. Frequency range vary between 0.5 Hz and 200 kHz with a fine resolution of 0.01 Hz. A 9V battery is required to power it up and it comes with a dedicated rough case which provides protection against moisture, dirt and dust. The meter has a flexible stand allowing the user to hung it or make it stand upright.

The Fluke 87 is featured with the following:

  1. A min/max recording mode, in which the meter stores the lowest and highest readings for up to thirty six hours, than perform calculations to display the true average values. There is also an alert produced by the inner beeper when a new minimum or maximum reading is recorded.
  2. A peak min/max mode will capture any changes as short as 1 millisecond.
  3. Duty cycle can be measured and displayed as a value between 0.1 and 99.9%, presenting an alternate way of measuring frequency.
  4. The devise is capable of alerting using the beeper if any test leads are plugged into the wrong input terminals for the function being performed.
  5. The REL mode enables you to capture and store a specific reading in the memory and later on it presents the difference between the stored value and the following readings.
  6. A very useful feature is the Touch Hold that allow you to read the display after the probes are no longer fixed on the target. It is all about concerning your safety, letting you concentrate on the measuring action alone.
  7. The display is equipped with back light to allow regular usage in dark spaces.
  8. Screen resolution can be increased ten times when using the 4 ½-digit display mode.
  9. You can also measure capacitance in a range between 0.01 nF to 5µF.

Wrap all these up with a reliable and advanced company, keeping in mind a good service is at hand, a lifetime warranty and knowing it is designed and manufactured in the USA and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Before making any procurement decision, carefully check whether this specific instrument comply with your needs. Bear in mind that there are many more models of the same manufacturer.